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Trevor the dog

Authors best friend & registered keeper of Virginia Heath

Hello human!

Welcome to my WORLD. Forget my owner's silly adventures in romance writing- Who wants to read that? My doggy adventures are much more exciting...

Being Trevor

An exclusive interview with Virginia Heath's very best friend...

What is it like owning a romance author?

It's a challenge, I can tell you, and not for the faint hearted. The Silly Woman tends to talk to herself, get so immersed in her made up world that she neglects her diet and appearance. Really, she needs constant supervision. That's what I do. Remember- a human is for life, not just for Christmas.

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Trev 3.jpg

We've heard you are being immortalised in a book. How similar is the fictional Trefor to the real Trevor?

The Silly Woman drew much of her inspiration for the hero in The Disgraceful Lord Gray- Trefor the Dog- from me. We are both ridiculously handsome, have a real presence and, it goes without saying, completely adorable. We both like swimming, balls and chewing shoes. There are a few differences. Being from the past, Trefor is part of the noble ancient breed of Labradog- The St John's Water Dog. His human sidekick had to fetch him from Newfoundland because that's the only place they were in 1820. Also, his gorgeous fur coat is black because beautiful dulce de leche coats like mine didn't appear till 1871. Obviously, as I do in real life, the fictitious me ultimately saves the day.

Describe a typical day in Trevor's world.

I get up early and wake the Silly Woman with my patented, pitiful whining outside her door then steal her warm spot in the bed. This motivates her to get dressed and take me on my 1st walkies of the day. After I've sent and received my pee-mail, I'll normally have a snooze. I need a lot of beauty sleep. This level of gorgeous takes work. I'll have a spot of breakfast then do something mischevous to get the Silly Woman chasing me because she's fat and needs the exercise. Then it's time for the lunchtime walkies, followed by the afternoon snooze, then the early evening walkies. After dinner, I'll make a pest of myself all evening, insisting games of fetch or ball in a shoe, before I force her out for the pre-bedtime walkies. This is a slow, sniffing walk to irritate her. My day finishes with the long night time snooze. It's hard work being a Trevor.

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What's your favourite food?

Sausages, beef jerky & whatever the Silly Woman is having for dinner

What's you favourite smell?

Hot shoes and morning breath

If you could be someone else for a day, who would you be?

Why would I want to be someone else?

What do you hate?

Cat's, going to the vet, being left alone and the Silly Woman's singing

If you ruled the world for a day, what laws would you make?

Compulsory belly rubs for all dogs whenever they demand one

And finally, who are your heroes?

That's a tough one- but the best human owners of yore like the Littlest Hobo, Lassie & Gromit. Basically, I am walking in the pawprints of giants

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